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Structural Design

At Loy-Lange Box Company we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of structural design technology. This enables us to assist you in the development of your packaging from concept to production.

In the concept stage, we will work with you in determining the most efficient package possible while still meeting the demands that will be required. We do this by evaluating the environment and the method by which the package will be loaded, warehoused and shipped, with special consideration given to its final destination.

Initial design and material proposals then move to the presentation phase of the process. We have the ability to render a 3-dimensional image of your package's structural design incorporated with the graphics that will be printed on it.. This 3D rendering can be electronically sent to you and your partners to evaluate, saving valuable time and resources at the outset of the process.

Samples are generated from CAD drawings on a CAM table using the specified material at full scale. Full graphic renderings are married to the design structure on our Hewlett Packard FB700 digital printer. These samples are used to verify presentation, fit, and functionality. Samples can be used to facilitate shipping tests and the certifications required for hazardous goods packaging.

The interaction of our designers and your graphic artists will produce the candidates for your final approval. The selected design is saved as a CAD drawing to be shared with your engineering, packaging, and quality departments via Acrobat .pdf files.

We also offer packaging audit services. We can evaluate your current packaging needs and processes to determine where you can save money and/or improve your packaging.

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